Strike A Chord: A Greener New York City
New York is often referred to as the concrete jungle. The paved and developed landscape offers plenty of advantages to its residents. But, there’s a lot to be said for having access to green spaces as well. Not only are trees, flowers, and other plantlife easy on the eyes, they’re important components of a healthy and balanced ecosystem.
As part of our Strike a Chord campaign, WFUV’s been featuring public service announcements, news stories, and programming, highlighting the efforts of community gardeners and others working to green the Metropolitan region. In this one hour special, we'll hear from: 
  • Steve Frillman of the Green Guerillas
  • Deborah Martin is the Executive Director of the New York Restoration Project
  • Shalini Beath is the deputy director of Million Trees NYC
  • Ursula Chance, Director of Bronx Green-up, the New York Botanical Garden's community outreach program
  • Jason Alosio, a PhD candidate of biology, and urban ecologist. He's the founder of St. Rose's Garden at Fordham
  • Lisa Fabish of Pleasant Villiage community garden in East Harlem



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