Gadadhara Pandit Dasa spent 15 years as a practicing Monk in New York City.  He details his experiences in a book called Urban Monk. But, Pandit has since left the monastery he called home on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He’s now devoting his life to helping others de-stress as a meditation teacher, inspirational speaker and well-being expert. Pandit was first on Cityscape in June of 2014 to talk about life as a monk in the Big Apple.  He’s back this week to share what life is like for him in his new role outside of the monastery.

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Luke Waters was born in Ireland and had dreams of following in his grandfather's and brother's footsteps by joining that country's police force.  Waters did fulfill his dream of becoming a cop -- only in New York City.  He spent two decades with the NYPD.  Waters details his experiences in a new memoir called NYPD Green: An Irish-Born Detective's Twenty Years on the Mean Streets of New York.  He joins us on this week's Cityscape to share his story.

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