A lot of research has been conducted over the years on the risks and benefits of being on either side of the height spectrum.  For example, studies have shown that taller people score slightly higher on IQ tests than shorter people, and are more likely to be bitten by bugs than their vertically-challenged counterparts.  On the other hand, research shows short people are more likely to outlive their taller peers, but are still at a greater risk of developing heart disease.  On this week's Cityscape, we’re exploring what it’s like to be tall and short in New York City.  Our guests include the president of the Tall Club of New York City and Peter Manning, the founder of a Brooklyn-based clothing line for men 5'8" and under.  We'll also talk with Joshua Fischer with Snap Interactive, maker of the on-line dating site AYI.com about a survey that shows short men in New York City have trouble finding dates. And we'll hear from Olivier Rabbath, an artist and shoemaker from Brooklyn, who makes shoes for super large feet.

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