In the comics, Superman protects the fictitious city of Metropolis, which of course, bears a striking resemblance to New York. In  fact, a lot of comic book superheroes fight for justice in a city very much like New York -- or in New York itself.  Peter Parker – AKA – “your friendly neighborhood Spiderman” – hails from Queens. On this week's Cityscape, superheroes in NYC -- real and make-believe.



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Cityscape's Greatest Hits

With so many diverse cultures and people in New York City, it’s no wonder there are so many extraordinary stories to tell. On this edition of Cityscape, some of our favorite segments from over the years.  This "best of" show coincides with WFUV's Spring Fund Drive.  Support the Cityscape podcast and WFUV by clicking the "contribute now" button at

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Understanding Alcoholism

On this week's Cityscape, a Manhattan resident talks candidly about being a recovering alcoholic.  Also this week, a preview of New York City's first gay boutique hotel slated to open in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen.

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Sisters in the Brotherhoods

On this week's Cityscape, we shine a spotlight on women working in traditionally male blue collar jobs.

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