This week Cityscape unwraps several segments for Christmas, including words and music from the New York Holiday Singers and an interview with the author and illustrator of a children's book called The Twelve Days of Christmas in New York City.

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Tuesday marks the first day of winter.  New York City can get pretty cold this time of year.  You might say "as cold as stone," which, not so coincidentally, is the theme of this week's Citsycape.  Today we're taking a closer look at stone architecture in the Big Apple. 



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For some, a dive bar invokes images of decaying, money-losing watering holes for nasty old drunks. For others, a dive bar is a hip spot where there's glamour in the grit.  On this week's Cityscape, we explore New York City's diviest dive bars.  Plus, how the rock band Van Halen brought a Bronx mom and one of her kids closer together.


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This Wednesday marks the 30th anniversary of the day John Lennon was shot outside The Dakota on Manhattan’s West Side.  He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital a short time later.  On this week's Cityscape, we talk with the author of a new book that goes into great detail about the events of that day.  Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch also joins us to share his recollections of December 8, 1980.

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