Staten Island Chuck and Punxatawney Phil agreed this winter won’t last much longer, but with the wacky weather we’ve experienced this season, it’s hard to tell what to expect. We still have more than 20 days to go until the first day of Spring, so this week we're sharing some ways to help make the last bit of winter warm and cozy in New York City. On this week's Cityscape, we'll visit a tropical oasis in the Bronx, a hot chocolate festival in Manhattan and other warm places. 

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This year Staten Island celebrates its 350th birthday. But, despite its rich history, the borough is often overlooked or thought of only for its old landfill.  On this week’s Cityscape, we’re uncovering the riches of this often forgotten borough, including a Tibetan museum and a hospital that discovered a cure for TB.

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With the Westminster Kennel Club’s 135th annual dog show kicking off Monday at Madison Square Garden, we thought there’s no better time to do a show about dogs in the city.  On this week's Cityscape, we'll talk with a judge from the Westminster Dog Show, go for a walk with a professional dog walker and her canine client, and learn all about the efforts of Animal Care and Control of New York City. 

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On this week's Cityscape, we’re exploring New York from an aerial view – you might say we’re flying high above the city.  We'll be talking with a long-time window washer, a helicopter traffic reporter and an operator of the Roosevelt Island Tram.  We'll also keep an eye out for bald eagles in the skies over the city. 

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