Summer’s officially here. The season arrived exactly at 1:16 pm Tuesday. So you can expect those who complained about the cold and snow -- to start complaining about the heat and humidity. But, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat in the baking Big Apple, including at one of the city’s many outdoor pools. On this week's Cityscape, we’ll look back at the history of the city’s public swimming pools -- a history that involves charges of racism. We'll also visit Embee Sunshade Company in Brooklyn. They've been making beach and patio umbrellas since 1933.

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The Bay Plaza Shopping Center just south of Co-op City in the Bronx attracts shoppers to places like Barnes & Noble and JCPenney, but half a century ago the area packed people in for another reason. The site was home to an amusement park bigger than Disneyland. On this week’s Cityscape, we’re remembering Freedomland. It opened to the public 51 years ago this weekend, but only lasted five seasons.

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Neighborhood parks are the focal point of many communities.  Kids frolic in playgrounds, people read on shaded benches, or simply meet and converse with their neighbors.  As part of WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign, we're focusing our attention on neighborhood parks, including the people who help keep them vibrant. 

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In New York, like in many American cities, mom-and-pop shops are slowly disappearing. Owners who can no longer afford their rent abruptly fold, retire with no one in the family interested in taking over the business, or simply decide it’s not worth competing against the big box store that opened up down the street. On this week’s Cityscape, the disappearing face of New York. We’ll talk with a husband and wife photography team who’ve made it their mission to document generations-old storefronts before the shops vanish forever. We’ll also pay a visit to some New York City establishments that have somehow managed to buck the trend and stand the test of time. Like JJ Hat Center in Manhattan, billed as the oldest hat shop in all of New York City.

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