A lot of people are familiar with Coney Island’s storied past, but Rockaway Beach has an interesting history all its own. In fact, the Queens community was once a bustling, summer hot spot chock full of hotels and amusements that drew millions of visitors. Today, a new generation of visitors is discovering Rockaway Beach. There’s even a new weekend bus service shuttling people there from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Vivian Rattay Carter tells the tale of Rockaway Beach from its earliest beginnings in her new book Images of America: Rockaway Beach. Carter's our guest on this week's Cityscape.

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It’s a summer tradition for a lot of New Yorkers – escaping the city for the serenity of the Hamptons. Dan Rattiner knows all about the summer hotspot. He’s been writing about it for years. Dan founded the free weekly newspaper, Dan’s Papers, in 1960. He was just 20 years old then. He’s still a staple on the East End of Long Island and out with a new book called Still in the Hamptons: More Tales of the Rich, the Famous and the Rest of Us. Dan's our guest on this week's Cityscape.

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Between ice cream trucks, food carts and brick and mortar parlors, you can’t go a block in New York City without stumbling on a place to get an ice cream fix. On this week's Cityscape we’re exploring ice cream in New York City, including one parlor on Manhattan’s Lower East Side that’s "changing lives one scoop at a time."

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Beer has a long and storied history in New York City, in part due to the influence of German immigrants. On this week’s Cityscape we’re delving deep into the history of beer in the Big Apple, as well as taking a look at the city’s suds resurgence in recent years.

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