New York City’s mostly surrounded by water, but it’s easy to get caught up in the concrete jungle and forget about the serenity you can find just off the shore. On this week's Cityscape, we’re looking to the water for stories of inspiration, including the tale of a Manhattan man’s life-changing love for sailing.

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When people think of New York's islands, they think of Manhattan, City Island, Coney Island or Staten Island. But there are more than three dozen other islands scattered throughout the city's waters, each with their own rich history and unique identity. On this week's Cityscape, we’ll be learning all about New York’s “other” islands.

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Kids today confront age old problems -- abuse, drugs, gang violence, living with dysfunctional families, teenage pregnancy. The list goes on and on. Many organizations in New York City work to keep young people out of trouble, some with more unique approaches, including one that uses basketball to keep kids on the straight and narrow.  On this week's Cityscape, a panel discussion on youth issues in New York City.

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Even in today’s digital age, chalk is still a common instrument for communication and artistic expression. Teachers use it to write out lessons. Kids use sidewalks and chalk to let their imaginations run wild. On this week's Cityscape, we’re exploring chalk as a powerful tool for communication and self-expression. The show includes:

  • An interview with a sidewalk artist.
  • A look at a program in Northern Manhattan that uses chalk art to spread a message about living a healthy lifestyle.
  • A look at why doctors on Ellis Island put chalk marks on immigrants they deemed ill.
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