On this edition of Cityscape, we're exploring some traditional Easter themes with inspiration from rabbits and dyed eggs. We'll get advice from the International House Rabbit Society on how to best take care of a rabbit, and we'll also talk with the owners of Long Island City-based Manic Panic, an internationally renowed hair dye and cosmetics company known for their funky hair dye colors. And we'll check in with a moving company that fits the theme only in name. The moving company "Rabbit Movers" has a staff comprised entirely of artists.

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How does one go from rubbing elbows with likes of Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor to finding themselves in the midst of the Attica Prison riot in 1971?  Our guest on this edition of Cityscape is David Rothenberg.  Rothenberg is the founder of the Fortune Society, an organization that helps ex-convicts get their lives back on track. He launched the Fortune Society in 1967, but before that he was a press agent for some of the most successful Broadway productions of the 20th century, including Richard Burton’s Hamlet and Hair. So what lured him away from the bright lights of Broadway to a life of helping people leaving the dark world of prison?  Rothenberg joins us to talk about his new book Fortune in My Eyes:  A Memoir of Broadway Glamour, Social Justice and Political Passion.

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Superstorm Sandy showed us all how easy it is to lose everything in an instant. Hundreds of people were left homeless from the storm -- highlighting the need for more emergency housing in times of crisis. As part of WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign, on this edition of Cityscape we're highlighting non-profit organizations in the tri-state area that assist people with housing needs in various situations, not just catastrophes like Sandy. We'll talk with a Long Island organization that helps young mothers with nowhere to go, a group that helps heart patients and their families with housing needs, and an organization that provides housing assistance to struggling musicians.

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March is National Noodle Month, declared by the National Pasta Association. In this noodle themed edition of Cityscape we'll hear from the family of Shorty Tang, purveyor of a popular noodle dish in 1960s and 70s New York City that still remains in the memories of people who ate it. We'll also learn about where to get the best noodles in the city from Zagat and talk with a Japanophile turned Ramen guru about his upcoming Lower East Side noodle shop.

This episode is guest hosted by Cityscape producer Morlene Chin.

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While not as glorified in popular media and guide books as Manhattan or Brooklyn, Queens contributes a whole lot to what makes New York City, New York City. It's home to the city's two airports, the city's only working farm and a whole lot more. On this week's Cityscape, we're exploring what's touted as the most ethnically diverse county in the United States.

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