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What do the Bee Gees, waterbeds, and pet rocks all have in common? How about platform shoes, The Hustle, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show? They were all popular in the 1970s. On this week's Cityscape, we’re exploring New York City in the 70s -- the photography, the music, and the fashion. But it wasn’t all disco and bell bottoms – the city experienced rampant crime and was on the brink of financial disaster in the '70s. We'll explore that side of 1970s NYC as well.

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“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Studies suggest early risers are generally happier and more productive than night owls.  Coming up on this week's Cityscape we’ll learn about why that is, as well as hear from people around New York City who are up before the sun rises.

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WFUV is hosting a dance party at Webster Hall Saturday night (10/5/13). It’s called the “Rock Your Body Dance Party."  With that in mind, this week’s Cityscape is delving into the history of Webster Hall, as well as looking into the laws governing dance in New York City. We'll also catch up with some Celtic dancers in the city, and hear about a lunch time dance party in the Big Apple.

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