New York is home to a lot of survivors; big and small. So it’s no surprise that a super weather resistant cockroach has found its way to the Big Apple. The non-native species was recently discovered on the elevated park in Lower Manhattan known as the High Line. That finding got us thinking about other survivors that live among us. On this week's Cityscape, we're talking with folks who’ve endured extreme circumstances and lived to tell about them.

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Handmade products are held in high esteem New York City, even in the midst of a society obsessed with efficiency and technology. An object made by hand is the result of countless hours of practice and experimentation, it is the fruit of someone’s labor and it comes from the heart of its creator. On this week's Cityscape, we’re getting our hands dirty, talking to local artisans and craftspeople who dedicate themselves to creating with their bare hands.

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New York City has put out its fair share of Hollywood stars over the years, from Lauren Bacall, who was born in the city on September 16th, 1924, to Matthew Broderick, who came into this world on March 21st, 1962. And then there is Barbara Stanwyck. The screen legend was born Ruby Stevens in Brooklyn on July 16th, 1907. Coming up on this week's Cityscape, we'll talk with Victoria Wilson, the author of a massive new biography on Stanwyck. It's called A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940.

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New York City is known for being a loud, bustling city. You can walk down any street and hear sirens, car horns, music and people talking about pretty much anything. But, coming up on this edition of Cityscape, we’re turning down the volume, by focusing on events in New York City where silence is key, including a silent dining experience in Brooklyn.

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