Glazed, sprinkled, frosted or plain – we all have a preference. Do you indulge once a day or save it for special occasions? Do you dunk it in coffee or eat it with a fork and knife?

On this week’s Cityscape we’re paying tribute to the donut, and exploring its long history in New York City.

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On Monday February 17th we celebrate the birthdays of two of the most famous US Presidents. George Washington turns 282 this month, and honest Abe turns 205. You might not know it, but both presidents have historical roots right here in New York City. On this week's Cityscape, we’re celebrating Presidents Day by exploring moments of presidential history that took place in our own backyard.

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This week we’re bringing you some of the best of Cityscape as we launch into WFUV’s Winter membership drive. The show will feature a bunch of our all-time favorite segments, including a must-hear piece about a singing sanitation worker and a visit to an exotic bird garden in Manhattan's Chinatown. Happy Listening!

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Sunday is Groundhog Day, and the nation will watch as Punxsutawney Phil emerges to predict the coming of Spring before diving back underground. New York City’s underground looks a little different from a groundhog’s burrow -- with miles of tunnels and infrastructure that lie deep beneath the city’s surface. On this week's Cityscape, we’re headed underground to explore the New York that exists just beneath our feet, from subway tunnels to buried historical treasures.

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