Labor Day weekend is upon us.. Some people will soak up the last rays of summer at the beach, while others will spend time getting ready for a new school year.  Coming up on this week's Cityscape, we’ll be honoring the true meaning of the holiday, by recognizing workers in odd, dangerous and unique jobs.

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New York City is classic, but ahead of the curve at the same time. In the city that never sleeps, people are constantly thinking up ideas that change our everyday lives. On this week's show, we’re focusing our attention on inventions and the minds behind them, as well as getting some advice on how to turn that great idea into a marketable product. 

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Cityscape: Haunted NYC

It’s a summer ritual for a lot of people. Head out into the woods, pitch a tent, and tell ghost stories around a campfire. On this episode of Cityscape, we’re telling New York City ghost stories, albeit without a campfire…

This morning, we’re bringing you ghost stories. A still present artist Marcel Duchamp reportedly haunts a downtown apartment, the Merchant's House Museum experiences its fair share of the paranormal, and Dan Sturges is here to explain paranormal investigations of all sorts. 

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Cityscape: Urban Appetites of Yesteryear

New York City is home to thousands of restaurants and grocery stores, catering to every style of eater from the tame to the adventurous. With so many different cultural options to choose from, it’s no wonder New Yorkers have such a varied palette.

On this episode of Cityscape, we’re talking to three New Yorkers who think outside the box when it comes to food: a historic gastronomist who samples the eats of the pioneers, an urban forager who sees the park as a produce section, and the author of Urban Appetites: Food and Culture in 19th Century New York.

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Cityscape: Dog Days

Most of us are familiar with the phrase the dog days of summer. It of course, refers to the hottest and muggiest stretch of the season.  

Despite what you may think. we’re not going to devote the next half hour to the weather. Instead, we’re using the Dog Days of Summer to talk about...well...dogs.

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