Cityscape: The Other Side of 39

40 under 40 lists – a lot of publications put them together to shine a spotlight on young people who are making a significant impact in various fields, from travel to politics.  But, what happens when your age pushes passed the 40 mark?

 A survey recently caught our attention that looked at the over 40 dating scene in New York City.  Which inspired us to put together a show focusing on life on the other side of 39. On this episode of Cityscape, we'll delve into that survey, as well as talk with one of the founding members of a group called Dancers Over 40, and we’ll check in with a 51-year-old Harlem man who says you’re never too old to have roommates.  He shares his apartment with two of them.

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NYC From a Tour Guide's Perspective

It’s easy to get lost in a big city like New York. But sometimes wrong turns can lead you to hidden gems.

On this episode of Cityscape, we’re talking with a man who’s made a career out of exploring the ins and outs of New York City -- urban historian and tour guide Justin Ferate.  He celebrates the nooks and crannies of the Big Apple with specialized walking tours where every borough gets time in the spotlight.

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The skyline at sunset, street musicians in Central Park...New York City is full of things that make people happy. That’s why recent headlines that labeled the Big Apple the “unhappiest” city in the nation caught us by surprise.  On this week's Cityscape, we’re getting to the bottom of those headlines with a co-author of that study, as well as exploring things that make people :) in New York City.

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Cityscape: In the Kitchen
New York City is a culinary melting pot.  Here you’ll find all kinds of foods and dishes -- whether it’s fresh produce from a green market or internationally inspired cuisine.  We’re heading into the kitchen -- literally and figuratively. On this episode of Cityscape, we get advice on cooking in a small kitchen -- something a lot of New Yorkers regularly have to do. We also crack open a new cookbook with greenmarket recipes from some of the city’s finest chefs and visit The Entrepreneur Space, a commercial kitchen in Queens. Bon appetit!
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