Since spring won’t officially arrive until March 20th, and we’re bound to still have some cold days to contend with, we’ve decided to do a show focused on bringing the outdoors indoors, where it’s still warm and cozy.  We’ll pay a visit to the New York Earth Room, a SoHo loft filled with 280,000 pounds of dirt, get our hands dirty with the owner of a plant store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn who will give us tips on how best to grow and care for indoor plants, and meet a commercial taxidermist in Middle Village, Queens. 

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The New York City accent is distinct and unmistakable.  From James Cagney to Woody Allen to Rosie Perez, you know they’re from New York as soon as they open their mouths.  On this week’s Cityscape, we’ll talk with a filmmaker who made a documentary that tells the story of the New York City accent. We'll also take you to an accent slam where New Yorkers competed for the best New York City accent, and we'll talk with an accent-elimination coach who helps people rid themselves of their "fuhgettaboutits."

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Saturday is Valentine’s Day and love might be in the air.  But, why is it that we fall in love in the first place?  On this week's Cityscape, renowned anthropologist and love expert Helen Fisher talks about the science of falling in love. We'll also hear from a couple of dating coaches about how they help people find love in the Big Apple, a German-born photographer will join us to talk about his love affair with New York City, and we’ll find out why business is coming up roses for florists courting millennials.

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New York City resident Coss Marte went from being a drug kingpin to a fitness entrepreneur. While serving time in prison he lost 70 pounds thanks to an exercise routine he worked up in his cell. Marte is now out from behind bars and operating a fitness bootcamp in Manhattan based on his prison workout routine.  Marte joins us on this week's Cityscape to talk about he how reinvented himself.

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