Spring is in the air in New York City.  And after a long, cold winter, it’s finally safe to give some serious consideration to spending time on the water. And while sometimes it’s easy to forget, the Big Apple is surrounded by H2O.  On this week's Cityscape, we're visiting the last wooden barge in New York Harbor, and checking out the sailing scene on City Island. 


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Unique Fitness

The clock is ticking toward summer. And for a lot of people you know what that means -- there are only a couple of months left to get in shape for the beach.

Now that the countdown to summer is on, we’re devoting this episode of Cityscape to fitness.  We’ll check out an exercise class in Manhattan that gets you on a surfboard -- no wetsuit required.  We’ll also visit an exercise class that gets you in the air, think Cirque du Soleil, and another fitness class that involves trampolines.  We’ll also talk with New York City fitness expert Marc Perry for advice on getting in shape.

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It's a "best of" show this week for WFUV's spring membership drive.  We'll learn about some of the most iconic New Yorkers of all time, delve into the history of the knish, chomp into New York City pretzels, go sailing in New York Harbor, and much more.  Join us and do your part for member-supported, commercial-free WFUV!

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When you think of Art Deco what comes to mind?  For some people it’s South Beach in Miami. But, right under our noses here in New York City is an amazing array of Art Deco architecture -- from the Chrysler Building to apartment buildings along the Bronx’s Grand Concourse. This week we’re looking at Art Deco up high and down low -- from skyscrapers to the mailboxes in their lobbies.

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New York City is a place of endless discoveries. There’s so much to see and do here. But, some places, you’ll never find on a tourist map. On this week's Cityscape, we’re talking with a couple of guys who’ve ventured to places that show a side of New York City that couldn’t be any more different than the glitz and glamor of Times Square. Both gentlemen have new books out that take us beyond restricted access and no trespass signs. Matthew Litwack is a co-author of a book that shines a light on a graffiti art scene that exists in a dark and gritty place – the city’s underground. The book is called Beneath the Streets: The Hidden Relics of New York’s Subway System. Photographer Will Ellis spent three years exploring the city’s abandoned places, including decaying asylums and hospitals.  He first posted his images on a blog called Abandoned NYC, but now he also has a book of the same name.

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