New York is a city that has pretty much everything.  But, taking it all in, well, that could be exhausting, not to mention take a lifetime. Our guests on this edition of Cityscape each have a story about trying to take in some of the “everything” the Big Apple has to offer.  We’ll hear from a guy on a mission to draw every person in New York City, a college professor who walked every block in the Big Apple, and a man who set out to try every slice of regular pizza in Manhattan.

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Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal has been called many things over the years. A cesspool, an industrial dumping ground, a blemish. But, our guest on this edition of Cityscape says the 1.8 mile canal is also one of the most important waterways in the history of New York Harbor. Joseph Alexiou is a licensed New York City tour guide, and the author of Gowanus: Brooklyn’s Curious Canal

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Homelessness is on the rise in New York City. According to a recent report from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, homelessness is up 11% from 2014. The survey found 75,323 people living on the streets or in shelters in the Big Apple. Mayor de Blasio has been taking a lot of heat for his handling of the homeless situation. But, he recently unveiled a $2.6 plan to help tackle the problem. The 15-year plan would create 15,000 units of housing that would include social services for veterans, mentally disabled people and others in need of assistance. On this edition of Cityscape, we’ll explore other efforts to help combat homelessness in the city, including Councilman Mark Levine’s push to stem evictions, and a program that uses running to combat homelessness.

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