To make it in New York, you need to stand out.  And while there is strength in numbers, sometimes you need to just go it alone.  Be bold.  Make a statement.  Separate yourself from the rest. Enter “One-Food Wonders.” On this week’s Cityscape we’re honing in on eateries that specialize in just one thing, like grilled cheese sandwiches, rice pudding and pickles.

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The lights on Broadway are as bright as ever. Broadway is now the number one tourist destination in New York City. But, in the 1970’s Broadway almost went dark for good. Our guest this week is Michael Reidel the theatre columnist for the New York Post and the co-host of the long running PBS show Theater Talk. He’s here to talk about his new book Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway, which pulls back the curtain on the history of the Great White Way.  Michael, thanks so much for coming in.

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When it comes to New York foods, for a lot of people, pizza tops the list of favorites. No doubt New Yorkers know their stuff when it comes to sauce, crust and cheese.  

Pizza has a long history in the Big Apple.  In fact, New York is home to what’s said to be the first pizzeria in America -- Lombardi’s in Manhattan.

On this week's Cityscape -- all things pizza, including a look at a new coffee table book that features photographs of pizzerias in all five boroughs, as well as the stories of shop owners, employees and patrons.  

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