It’s been called the "miracle of World War II." This month marks the 75th anniversary of the rescue of more than 7,000 Danish Jews from holocaust. It was a heroic example of neighbors helping neighbors.

The scholarship fund, Thanks to Scandinavia, recognizes the ordinary people who performed extraordinary acts in Scandinavia and Bulgaria during World War II to save the lives of their Jewish neighbors.

Joining us this week to talk about this often untold story is Thanks to Scandinavia Executive Director Kelly Ramot and Denmark’s Consul General in New York, Ambassador Anne Dorte Riggelsen.

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What does the word, “laser” bring to mind? An iconic spy movie, perhaps? In actuality, lasers aren’t just this glamorized phenomenon we’ve seen in movies like Mission Impossible and Star Wars. In New York City you can get up close and personal with lasers with the help of a man known as “Dr. Laser.” 

Dr. Laser’s not going to fix your broken bones with powerful rays. What he is going to do is show you around the Holographic Studios, his laboratory for creating three dimensional images on East 26th Street in Manhattan.

Dr. Laser combines art and technology to produce captivating installations. He showed Cityscape around his studio, and introduced us to his life of holography.

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Restaurants come and go all the time in New York City. But Neary's, located in the Turtle Bay area of Manhattan, has stood the test of time. The classic Irish pub has been around for more than 50 years, and has served everyone from astronauts to presidents. 

On this week's Cityscape, Julia Seebode interviews Irish immigrant and restaurant owner, Jimmy Neary. Jimmy shares his American Dream story - one that began a long time ago in County Sligo, Ireland.

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Believe it or not, tattooing as we know it today has only been legal in New York City since 1997.

On this week's Cityscape, we're delving into the past and present of tattoo culture in New York City.

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