In times of trouble or uncertainty, a lot of us turn to outside support for help -- a psychologist, a pastor, or maybe even a psychic. But what happens when a fortune teller costs you a fortune? Our latest episode explores that question.

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In a digital era where you can quickly google search pretty much any recipe, the idea of flipping through a cookbook for inspiration in the kitchen may feel antiquated. But, for Bonnie Slotnik and many others, cookbooks are far from obsolete and offer much more than just recipes. Slotnik owns a vintage cookbook shop in the East Village of New York City. She moved to 28 East Second Street after being priced out.

When you walk into Bonnie’s shop, it’s like stepping back in time to an internet-free world. Her store is filled to the brim with vintage cookbooks from around the globe. We recently sat down with Bonnie to talk about her history and love of cookbooks.

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Inclusivity and understanding are the pathways to accepting and getting to know the people around us. This fall, WFUV's Strike A Chord Campaign is focusing its attention on autism acceptance.

Listen to this special panel discussion produced in conjunction with BronxNet Television featuring:

  • Amanda Friedman, the founder and executive director of the Atlas Foundation for Autism. The organization is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for autistic individuals through after-school, therapeutic, and other scholastic programs.
  • Michele Sanchez-Stierheim, the founder and executive director of Spectrum Warriors, Inc. Spectrum Warriors helps families with autistic members who feel isolated to become a part of their community again.
  • Florencio Flores Palomo, the founder and executive director of REACH Swim Academy. REACH offers swim lessons to autistic kids, giving them a safe space to socialize in small groups and get some exercise.
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New York City can be a photographer's paradise. There's no shortage of people or places to capture in a photo, from the Flatiron Building to straphangers waiting on the platform for the A train. On this week's Cityscape, we're talking with two New York City-based photographers who capture their own unique perspectives of the Big Apple. Larry Racioppo is out with a new book called Brooklyn Before: Photographs, 1971-1983 and Herb Bardavid focuses on the city's elderly population in his project "Getting Old and Getting Out in New York City."

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