For anyone who has never experienced bias or prejudice, it might be hard to understand the true meaning of stigma.

On this week’s Cityscape, we get an inside view of what it's like to live on the other side of stigma, and hear about efforts to break stereotypes about physical and mental differences.

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In a city like New York, pizza is not hard to come by. But, over the past decade, two cousins have been making a big name for themselves in the competitive pizza scene here. Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are pretty much building a pizza empire one slice at a time.

The cousins left the family business on Staten Island to open their own pizza shop in Manhattan in 2008.

Since establishing Artichoke Basille Pizza in a tiny space in the East Village, Garcia and Basille have opened 13 other eateries and they continue to expand.

Garcia and Basille literally grew up in the restaurant industry, from their great grandparents down, family members have owned everything from sandwich shops to bakeries to restaurants and pizzerias.

The charismatic cousins have not only kept that traditional alive, they’ve taken it several steps further. They’re now franchising. And they’ve even starred in TV shows – one appropriately called Pizza Cuz.

We recently caught up with Garcia and Basille at Artichoke Pizza on 10th Avenue in Manhattan. We shared a slice and then slipped next door to their specialty coffee shop, Frankie Portugal, where we sat down for a chat.

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For a lot of people the holidays are the most magical time of the year, and one could argue that there’s no other place more magical than New York City during this time.

From the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the elaborate window displays at stores like Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, the city is bursting with holiday spirit.

Photographer Betsy Pinover Schiff captures the distinctive and unexpected ways Christmastime is celebrated in the city in her new book 'Tis the Season New York.

Betsy spent the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve photographing all five boroughs. Her book includes over 160 pages of photographs taken mostly at night. Some of the locations are extremely recognizable, while others are a little less traveled by. This week, we sit down with Betsy to hear all about her project.

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When it comes to comedy in New York City, Gotham Comedy Club is about as elite for comedians as Lincoln Center is for ballet dancers. But not everyone that gets to grace Gotham’s stage is a celebrity, or even old enough to vote.

On this week's Cityscape, we're checking out Kids ‘N Comedy, a program that teaches young people how to write and perform stand-up comedy.

The classes are held at Gotham Comedy Club, and participants go on to perform sketches there before a live audience.

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In today’s world where we can access our offices and apartments by simply typing a code into a keypad or swiping or tapping a card, a keychain full of keys is quickly becoming a relic of a bygone era. But, in New York’s Greenwich Village, one key-related establishment is still going strong. On this week’s Cityscape, locks and keys, including a visit to Greenwich Locksmiths and a chat with the curator of the Lock Museum of America.

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