Our homes provide us with comfort unlike anything else. They welcome us after a long day of work. They are where we yearn to be by the end of a vacation or business trip. We personalize them in ways big and small; we make them our own. Home is a familiar space where we find privacy from the outside world. But have you ever considered what it might be like never leave your home? To be unable or unwilling to walk out your front door?

In Within These Walls, we'll hear from several individuals who can’t or don’t leave their homes for a variety of reasons. Some have been bound by age or illness, and others by their thoughts. We'll also hear from the people and organizations who pay special attention to homebound populations. Along the way, we’ll explore the relationship between ourselves and our homes, and how it may change when leaving just isn’t an option.

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On any given day Central Park is packed with tourists, runners or people simply out for a walk with their dog. Most people aren’t there to take in fine art. For that, they’re more likely to visit the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art or one of the other great cultural institutions in Manhattan.

But, in many ways, Central Park is in itself an outdoor museum.

On this week's Cityscape, we're talking with photographer Catarina Astrom. She’s behind the photos in a new book called The Statues of Central Park.

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When it comes to snowmen, most of us are familiar with the likes of Frosty and Olaf from the Disney film Frozen, but snowmen have a history that extends well beyond the creation of these animated figures.

Bob Eckstein is an award winning illustrator, writer, New Yorker cartoonist, the author of the New York Times best-selling Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores, and snowman expert. In his book, The Illustrated History of the Snowman, Eckstein reveals the ancient origins of the snowman and its contemporary evolution.

Bob Eckstein is our guest on this week's Cityscape.

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In her novel Flying Jenny, Author Theasa Tuohy tells the story of barnstorming pilots who thrilled the public with their daring feats in cities large and small in the 1920s.

Flying Jenny follows fictional character Jenny Flynn. She’s a 17-year-old pilot who’s based on real-life pilot Elinor Smith. While not as well known as Amelia Earhart is today, Smith did an amazing thing in October of 1928. She flew her plane under New York City’s four East River bridges.

Theasa Tuohy joins us on this week's Cityscape to talk more about that story and her novel Flying Jenny.


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