For generations, Coney Island has been a must-see attraction for native New Yorkers and tourists alike. It’s known for its beach, games of chance, hot dogs and thrill rides, like the Cyclone Roller Coaster. But a new book takes readers on a Coney Island-inspired rollercoaster ride of its own.   
The book is Zayde’s Arcade: Coming of Age in Coney Island. It focuses on Jason, a 16-year-old who spends his summer working at his grandfather’s penny arcade. Zayde’s Arcade is penned by actor and author Andy Smith. We recently talked with him about his book and his own summers spent at the beachfront in southeast Brooklyn.
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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of America. 
But, how did Lady Liberty find her home in the waters of New York Bay? 
It’s a story of hopes and dreams and failures and successes, and one that features a number of significant people in history. 
A new book takes a deep dive into the history of the Statue of Liberty. It’s called Lady Liberty: An Illustrated History of America’s Most Storied Woman. The book includes essays by Joan Marans Dim and paintings by Antonio Masi. Joan and Antonio are our guests on this week's Cityscape. 
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You can find a map of almost anything in New York City, from where the best restaurants are to famous movie locations. But, our guest on this week's Cityscape has created a map to showcase an underrpresented aspect of the city's history and culture. 

Gwen Shockey is a New York City-based artist whose latest project is an online map called the Addresses Project. It's designed to show how sacred safe spaces are for lesbian and queer people. 

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With so many options to buy or read books online, brick and mortar bookstores are becoming harder and harder to find. But one bookstore in New York City has been around since 1925 and is known for its extensive collection of rare and used books.  
Argosy Bookstore is the oldest independent bookstore in all of NYC. It is located in a six-story townhouse that is filled with antiquarian and used books, maps, prints and autographs. The main floor and basement alone hold over 60,000 out-of-print books on a range of subjects.    
The bookstore is now in its third generation of family ownership. We recently talked with Naomi Hample, one of the three sisters who owns and runs Argosy.
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